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John Wheeler

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Best known for the past decade as the creator and frontman of the successful Rockgrass act, Hayseed Dixie, John Wheeler (formerly known as his alter-ego ‘Barley Scotch’) is stepping out on his own and venturing into lyrical and musical territory quite removed from the work of his previous band.

New single ‘Walk Between The Raindrops’ is a joyfully transatlantic track with jaunty piano, swinging rhythm and unapologetically carped lyrical perspective.  As an American from the deep South currently living in the UK, the place he met his wife and settled 6 years ago, he has adopted elements of the British charisma with an authentic flourish.

Of course, as much as this song has personal inclinations for Wheeler it is also quite simply a defiant stance against the stunning English weather. As Wheeler says – “I’m trying to sing this song while picturing Jeremy Paxman standing on a Georgian side street in Kings Lynn, a firm look of disdain on his chiseled face, fixing one falling raindrop above him with a steely gaze . . . just daring it to try and land anywhere on his Ede & Ravenscroft pin-striped jacket.”

With the full album release of “Un-American Gothic” on February 4, 2013, this is a record that will unite Hayseed fans of old, but threatens to open John’s music up a whole new audience as well.