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Lamb are Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow. Originally formed in Manchester in the mid ’90s, they fused multiple electronic music styles with Rhodes’ gorgeous, arresting vocals for a decade. During a hiatus of several years, Rhodes’ made a handful of acclaimed solo albums and Barlow produced other artists. Since reforming, Lamb have released new music (2014’s Backspace Unwind) and also toured their classic self-titled debut album on the 21st anniversary of its release.

The Secret Of Letting GoLamb’s seventh album – is all about the space between sounds. At times sublime and celestial, at others a swirl like a desert sand storm the music offers a launch platform on which Lou Rhodes’ superlunary voice can take flight. At times, the sound that Lou and musical partner Andy Barlow create is quietly evocative of sun-drenched horizons – contemplative and reflective, as on opener Phosphorus and the album’s final track – One Hand Clapping – a divine piece of music with all the radiance of a high summer sunset. At others its itchy and anticipatory, pointing towards moments of ecstatic abandon, like on the album’s first single – the brooding, building, boiling over Armageddon Waits and the dervish spinning, cyclonic Deep Delirium. And occasionally, it’s a quake – a whomping bass tone that seems to move through your very bones as on the album’s title track and Bulletproof, a track where the bottom end seems to be burrowing its way out of the track.

Lamb’s studio encounters have been sporadic since the duo – Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow – ended their post-millennium hiatus to record the album 5. The Secret Of Letting Go came together after a period of time that saw the band touring their classic self-titled 1996 debut album in full for the first time ever as well as Lou working on her fourth solo album (theyesandeye) and Andy producing other artists.