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Le Trio Joubran

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The Trio Joubran have been touring the world for 15 years now, carrying their ouds like their own identities, planting them like flags on the myriad of stages that have hosted them. Their current achievements: 5 albums and multiples collaborations, including a legendary feature of their old friend Mahmoud Darwish  (cultural symbol of the Arab world in 2018) on “A l’Ombre des Mots,” where the poet’s timeless words meet the Trio’s sound in a mesmerizing, beautiful union.

To be released in October 2018 with Cooking Vinyl, the band’s latest album “The Long March” is the result of a long gestation. The challenge: to explore and craft a new musical universe with a traditional instrument like the oud; to find that space where the past and the future can gracefully meet. A challenge that’s boldly accepted, and whose answers lie in the various songs and collaborations that punctuate the album. Roger Water’s presence commands many tracks – including “Supremacy,” released in March 2018, and the haunting melodies of Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran are accompanied, lifted by synth pads, electronic machines, compressors, and a live orchestra. Thanks to the production wizardry of Renaud Letang, the Trio Joubran have definitely broadened their artistic horizon on this record.

“The Long March” was produced and mixed at the Studio Ferber in Paris. It is a landmark in Trio Joubran’s career, a new landscape to their musical convictions. When asked how they would describe their latest album the Trio Joubran unanimously answers: “The Long March is a vision, It’s the Tradition of the Future.”