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Billy Bragg Mini Album ‘Bridges Not Walls’ has been released!

Billy Bragg, the protest singers’ protest singer, released a new mini album ‘Bridges Not Walls’ out now. Order here

‘Bridges Not Walls’ features all of the singles he has released over the summer plus two other gems that stand shoulder to shoulder with every song Billy has written in his 30 year career on the frontline.

The full tracklisting of ‘Bridges Not Walls’ is:

1. The Sleep Of Reason

2. King Tide And The Sunny Day Flood

3. Why We Build The Wall

4. Saffiyah Smiles

5. Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

6. Full English Brexit

‘Bridges Not Walls’ sees Billy Bragg doing what he does best, writing heartfelt and gloriously moving songs confronting the issues of the day. He plugs in his buzzsaw guitar and puts Trumpism to the sword on ‘The Sleep Of Reason’ (Produces Monsters) and his cover of Anais Mitchell’s ‘Why We Build The Wall’; he puts his own spin on Oscar Wilde’s ‘the price of everything and the value of nothing’ on the bucolic folk of ‘Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted’, while the elegant piano ballad ‘Full English Brexit’ nails the attitudes of an all too familiar ageing Little Englander; he confronts the climate change deniers on the country shuffle of ‘King Tide And The Sunny Day Flood’ and celebrates the heroic stand taken by Saffiyah Khan who smiled in the face of right wing thugs at an anti-immigrant demonstration on ‘Saffiyah Smiles’. Always engaged, never predictable, Billy Bragg continues to fight the good fight.

Says Billy: “Life comes at you real fast these days. What’s a singer-songwriter to do when events keep challenging the way that we see the world? Before we’ve had a chance to digest one startling development, along comes another to throw us off balance again. I’ve been grubbing up songs for the past 12 months, but without the time to get an album together due to other projects, so in an effort to keep pace with these chaotic times I decided to start dropping tracks as they became ready across the summer culminating in a mini album. As always, they’re my way of trying to make some sense of what’s going on. And there’s been a lot going on.”

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