Cooking Vinyl

Cooking Vinyl supports Bollo Brook Youth Centre

Recently, Cooking Vinyl visited Bollo Brook Youth Centre in their local area of West London.  The centre has an extensive Music Studio programme that Cooking Vinyl wanted to gain a better understanding of. As well as this, they have some other great opportunities for young people. It was decided it would be great to begin a partnership with them. Getting this off to a great start was hiring Tayah, our new receptionist so that she can gain a better insight into the music industry and get stuck in gaining knowledge from each department. Good luck Tayah!

Tayah says: “Youth Centres have been one of the most important places to provide support and a sense of belonging to a lot of us growing up. Bollo Brook being the one that I found myself in. I would describe it as a place where friendships are made, dreams are kept alive, goals are supported and met and young peoples lives are seen as important. Although a lot of young people in different areas of London may look out and see a lack of opportunities, youth centres have been one of the first places we could go to get a sense of direction. I’d like to personally thank Colin Brent. The man behind everything that happens at Bollo. He saw the drive and passion in me and got me in contact with Cooking Vinyl. I have now been offered a great opportunity to build on a career doing what I love. The start of my time here at Cooking Vinyl has been great. The people I have met have set me an example of what having a job that you are passionate about looks like. Everything I have learnt has given me a deeper insight & I have even more confidence that I am heading in the right direction. Thank you CV!”

For more information about the centre and their programmes, CLICK HERE