Cooking Vinyl

Cooking Vinyl visited Palestine along industry peers ahead of Palestine Music Expo (PMX)

Martin Goldschmidt (Cooking Vinyl) joined Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury), Malcolm Haynes (Glastonbury), Mark Meharry (Music Glue) Scott Cohen (The Orchard), music biz journalist Larry LeBlanc and Beckie Sugden (X-Ray Touring) last month in Ramallah, Palestine for a ‘dry run’ for the Palestine Music Expo, taking place in April 2017, which aims to support and highlight local musical talent in the region.

Imagine not being able to play a gig 40 minutes down the road because you don’t have the right permit to travel, imagine there were no promoters to put on your shows at any stage in your career; these are just a few of the issues facing the Palestinian musicians the group met. These musicians have no choice but to be in control of every element of their careers, which is a big job on a full-time basis. How could you not to feel frustrated in this situation? That is precisely what Martin Goldschmidt and the founding team of PMX are hoping to begin to change by educating the future music industry and opening the doors to Palestine, both to international acts considering it as a touring destination and to aid the growth of Palestinian musicians in the global market. This is not a small challenge and this is only the beginning for the first PMX taking place taking place on 5-7 April 2017.

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