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DAM – BEN HAANA WA MAANA’ out 7th June!

The Palestinian hip-hop group DAM announced their new album Ben Haana Wa Maana, out 7th June.


This is DAM’s third studio album, following up their acclaimed Dabke on the Moon (Nudbok al Amar) – is a bold commentary on heated political and cultural issues told through intricate and powerful musical compositions which fuse traditional Middle Eastern sounds, the rhythm and intonation of Arabic-language rap and an unmistakeably hip-hop attitude.

Having grown up without the freedom of movement we take for granted in the West, DAM were inspired to produce an album celebrating their freedom to travel the world – symbolised by exploring a number of new musical styles, all the while delivering their trademark ‘bouncy’ sound.

Emta Njawzak Yamma – the album’s first single – challenges the institution of marriage, while the second single, ‘Jasadik-Hom’ is a spoken word track focusing on Maysa’s struggle to express herself and her body in a man’s world.

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