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Deap Vally are back in the UK this week to kick off their summer live dates, celebrating the release of a new, acoustic EP, FEMEJISM UNPLUGGED, and revealing a newly-launched commentary between the band and their co-producer Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) talking fans through their recent FEMEJISM album, playing now on Spotify.

FEMEJISM UNPLUGGED is out today  and comes ahead of dates including a London Fluffer Pit Party and festival shows at Secret Garden Party and Reading & Leeds, as well as a US tour with Blondie and Garbage,

FEMEJISM UNPLUGGED was produced by Deap Vally and Chris Kasych (who engineered FEMEJISM and who has worked with Adele and Haim, among others), and sees the Los Angeles based duo reinterpret a clutch of highlights from the original album. The EP features saxophone by Andy Stavas, of one of the duo’s favourite bands Kiev, with artwork by Kelsey Hart, based on Rachel McCollum’s FEMEJISM album art.

Deap Vally’s Lindsey and Julie are reunited with Nick Zinner and Chris Kasych, chatting through each song on FEMEJISM and giving some exclusive insight into the songs on the record and the stories behind them, in an exclusive commentary playing now on Spotify. Here they are talking about the brilliant Two Seat Bike, which, it turns out, is actually a cautionary tale about internet security:

Lindsey Troy “it’s the sexiest form of transportation”

Julie Edwards “this was a cautionary tale from when Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes were leaked from the cloud”

LT “unfortunately those stories are popping up all of the time, and then some like awesome badass woman in whatever industry gets slut-shamed by the world and it’s the stupidest, dumbest thing ever. So, [two seat bike] is our cautionary tale for the young girls coming of age was to keep the iPhones away…”

            “only polaroids” JE

 JE “I feel like this song represents our humor in a big way”.


Deap Vally recently released a new video for their song, JULIAN, taken from the album. The clip sees the band’s Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards exact revenge on a sleazeball manager in an array of joyfully colourful ways!

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