Cooking Vinyl


China’s largest music streaming service  Xiami (known for its innovative business model), has teamed up with renowned visionary music label, Cooking Vinyl Records, who have remained at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of the music industry since 1986.

Not ‘genre-specific’ nor musically limited, Cooking Vinyl is Xiami’s perfect partner in expanding the global reach of artists such as The Prodigy, Alison Moyet, Maximo Park, The Pretty Reckless, Madness, Passenger, Hanson, Billy Bragg, Marilyn Manson, The Fratellis, Gary Numan, The Cult, Groove Armada, Royksopp, The Cranberries, Suzanne Vega, TLC, Skye|Ross  and many more.

Martin Goldschmidt, Co-founder and Managing Director of Cooking Vinyl, explains, “China joined the World Trade Organisation in 2001 and laid a foundation for a Chinese recorded music business. Following this, Cooking Vinyl were the first record company to do a label deal (with Shanghai Audion Visual). While piracy has hamstrung the Chinese recorded music market until now, there are early indications that streaming will unleash its potential over the next three years and Alibaba is one of the major game changers.  Cooking Vinyl is very excited that Alibaba / Xiami are opening the door for them to the new emerging Chines market and is honoured to be their first Western record company partner.

Wang hao, co-founder of Xiami and CCO of Alibaba Music, adds, “Xiami has been striving to offer a greater diversity to satisfy the musical tastes of the diverse China market. We believe that this partnership with Cooking Vinyl will greatly contribute to Xiami’s music content pool. In the last year, Alibaba has delivered entertainment and online shopping to its users and established a new cultural and entertainment group. These rich experiences in big data analysis powered by Alibaba and combined with the group’s literature, sports, gaming and digital business units will ultimately help Xiami enhance customer experience and lead innovation in the Chinese music industry.

Currently, Cooking Vinyl has branches in over 40 countries whose modus operandi is respecting artists’ intentions and giving them space to create. Similarly, Xiami Music emphasizes “high quality music” and “discovering different music for users” to go hand-in-hand with strategic business development.

Devoted to improving user’s experience, music culture and community interaction, Xiami holds exclusive digital deals with Mando-pop major labels like Bin-Music, HIM and Rock Records, and is the exclusive digital music partner of the biggest Korean label, S.M. Entertainment, in China.

As Xiami Music steps forward to explore music domains and strengthen its global cooperation, this new partnership with Cooking Vinyl is projected to present music-loving users a whole new realm of possibilities to enjoy ever-expanding musical genres and platforms.