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‘FEEDER – All Bright Electric’ has been released!

Following a hugely successful Big Top Headline slot at this summer’s Isle of Wight festival, British rock heroes FEEDER (Grant Nicholas & Taka Hirose) released their stunning new studio album ‘All Bright Electric’. The band’s 9th album released via Cooking Vinyl is out now.

‘Universe of Life’, the first single, is a low-slung, blistering onslaught of huge riffs that paves the way for FEEDER’s confident new sound. It’s a true statement of intent representing an even bigger, more exciting FEEDER who have found a fresh lease of life in making this breathtaking new record. ‘Universe of Life’ is delivered today and can be embedded far and wide from the following link.

“Eskimo, the second single, is a song about a journey of self discovery. We are always looking for the right path in life in which to take and are often casualties of our own misguidance and inner demons. Temptation is never far way.”

On the video, Grant added:
“We really wanted a trippy, almost psychedelic style video to capture the groove and darker spirit of the song; a modern twist on the 60’s psychedelia imagery with the band more in silhouette. Retro but still current in some way.”

Eskimo was masterminded by Manchester based film production company Sitcom Soldiers, who have made videos for the likes of Johnny Marr, Of Mice and Men, Young Guns to name just a few.

FEEDER first shot to fame when their debut EP ‘Swim’ was released to huge critical acclaim in 1996. Since then they’ve had 25 Top 40 hits with the likes of ‘Feeling A Moment, ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Just A Day’ and ‘Buck Rogers’ and amassed over 5 million record sales along with 3 Platinum and 2 Gold Albums.

Feeder’s frontman Grant Nicholas commented:
“I imagined I was skydiving when I wrote ‘Universe of Life’… staring down at the crazy world below as the adrenaline rushed through my body and flash backs of childhood memories entered my mind… It takes you on a journey of discovery and laughs in the face of negativity … Don’t be fooled by foolish minds.”

Following lead singer/guitarist and chief songwriter Grant Nicholas’s recent, critically acclaimed solo releases ‘Yorktown Heights’ and ‘Black Clouds’, which saw Grant play a host of shows with a very different, ‘lo-fi’ line up, the FEEDER frontman says he feels re-invigorated, and in the best creative space of his life.

Nicholas added:
“I wanted the album to really capture Feeder’s heart and soul. For us the journey the music takes the listener on is still so important, and that is what still drives me to make the best music we can. Recording ‘All Bright Electric’ felt as exciting as making our first album ‘Polythene’. I hope people enjoy this record as I think it’s our most complete to date”

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