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The Gun Club will re-issue three albums

“Why are these songs not taught in schools?” (Jack White)
“…a band that deserves that demands more than just footnote status” (Q Magazine)
“They cited both Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Fall as influences and were subliminally assimilated by the White Stripes.” (The Sunday Times)
“Their brand of scummed-out, fly-by-night rock’n’roll is rarely matched.” (Record Collector)

Influential country-punk blues band The Gun Club, re-issue three albums on Friday 18th May. The albums are ‘Mother Juno’ (produced by Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie), their final studio album ‘Lucky Jim’ and a live album from 1992, ‘Ahmed’s Wild Dream’. All will be available in original artwork on CD, digital download and limited edition 12” vinyl: ‘Lucky Jim’ (blue vinyl), ‘Mother Juno’ (orange vinyl) and ‘Ahmed’s Wild Dream’ as a very limited 2 x vinyl test pressing. Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s acclaimed autobiography, “Go Tell The Mountain: The Stories and lyrics of Jeffrey Lee Pierce,” which was published posthumously in 1998, is also available in an updated version. Preorder all of the above from:

The Gun Club singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce, who had the honour of being described as “Elvis from Hell, ” was born in 1958 in El Monte California. JLP grew up in an American/Mexican household, founded the Blondie Fan club in the 1970’s, before forming The Gun Club in 1979. Their debut album, the groundbreaking ‘Fire Of Love’ was released in 1980 and showcased the bands unique sound – a fusion of punk rock and American roots music. Second album ‘Miami’ was released on Chris Stein’s Animal Records in 1982, followed by ‘The Las Vegas Story’ (1984), ‘Mother Juno’ (1987), ‘Pastoral Hide and Seek’ (1990), ‘Divinity’ (1991) and ‘Lucky Jim’ (1993).

Jeffrey Lee Pierce lived the blues, with a tragic authenticity, leading to his untimely death on March 31st 1996 , at the tender age of 37 from a brain haemorrhage. The cult of JLP & The Gun Club has spread over the years, inspiring countless garage bands and has seen his songs covered by artists such as Nick Cave, Blondie and the White Stripes.

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