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‘Le Trio Joubran – The Long March’ – Out Now!

Le Trio Joubran – the Palestinian masters of the oud – released their new album The Long March.

Brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran have been touring the world with their ouds for the past 15 years, including at the likes of WOMAD in the UK. Through their mesmerizing music, they honour the struggles and oppression of indigenous peoples not only in the Middle East but around the world and especially affirm that their music should be a part of the struggle of the Palestinian people for recognition and liberation.

In Arab origin, the Oud is considered the king of all instruments, and these brothers play the instrument like no other. The Long March, their sixth album, is a landmark for the band and a new landscape in their musical convictions. The album was produced by acclaimed Parisian producer Renaud Letang, who has worked with everyone from Jean-Michel Jarre to Mano Chao to Bjork, at the Studio Ferber in Paris.

Le Trio Joubran teamed up with former Pink Floyd legendary singer and activist Roger Water’s for the track Carry the Earth. The track is dedicated to all those who die for their land but especially to a tragic event when four young cousins were murdered and lost their dreams whilst playing football, as they’d done so many times before, on Gaza Beach. The title of this track is from a poem by the legendary Arabic poet Mahmoud Darwish – “the dead who die to carry the earth after the relics are gone”.

They again collaborated with Darwish for the track Time Must Go By where the poet’s timeless words meet the Trio’s sound in a spellbinding and beautiful union.

Brian Eno who has spent time with the band in the recording studio says “The Trio Joubran talents as musicians are complemented by their compassion as human beings. Their longstanding and determined commitment has made them a symbol of Palestinian identity and resistance. Trio Joubran, in its brilliant and fiery exuberance, sends out a message: Palestine is alive.”  

The Trio Joubran, a powerful and mesmerizing live act, have announced European tour dates to coincide with the release of The Long March. They will play at the Barbican in London on 03 February 2019.

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