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Lewis Watson releases touching single ‘Meant For Me’

Oxford singer-songwriter Lewis Watson has returned with a touching new single titled ‘Meant For Me‘. This follows the acclaimed 2017 release of his second album ‘Midnight‘.

Speaking about his emotional new single, Lewis says, “‘Meant For Me’ is a song written about overcoming everything to be with your one. it’s not about overlooking each other’s flaws or pretending that they aren’t there – because we all have them – but actually embracing them and enjoying the little challenges we all give each other because it’s all worth it in the end.”

The beautiful new track is an important return from the 26-year-old songwriter. Watson was busy in the studio for the first half of 2019 with acclaimed producer Richard Wilkinson to craft a collection of songs that will become his forthcoming third album.

Having gained further confidence and creativity as an artist, ‘Meant For Me’ sets the tone for an amazing third album from Lewis, who is building a bright future for himself in music.