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Lissie released her brand new album ‘Castles’!

“Her best album yet”- The Times
“The most progressive music of her career” – The Independent
8/10 “Castles contains emotion as bare you’ll hear in any pop album ever” – The Line Of Best Fit
4* “Without much fuss, Elisabeth Corrin Maurus has quietly become one of the most vital vocalists around” – NME
4* “Synths and beats gives her stormy, purposeful pop a modern finish”- The Mail on Sunday

Today, Lissie releases her fourth album ‘Castles,’ her most defiant and extraordinarily authentic record to date. ‘Castles’ takes the listener by the hand promising you can survive and thrive in the same sea of emotion.

There is a creative tension at the heart of ‘Castles’—seeming contradictions inhabiting the same space—giving rise to its wide palette of sound, style and emotion. The songs wrestle with angels and demons in equal measure, often at the same time. Beats and atmospheres converse with keyboards, guitars, and of course, her voice: at once ethereal and full-blooded, it both embodies and reconciles the contradictions.
Two years ago, Lissie felt the need to break free from an increasingly stultifying and negative Californian existence; she made the decision to leave that world, and buy a massive farm in Northeastern Iowa where she’s been learning how to keep bees, grows vegetables, and is hoping to build a self-sustaining conservation space and retreat. It’s from there that she made ‘Castles’; a fitting title for a new record that focuses on identifying what you want to build a life with, not what you don’t want.

It’s ironic that after breaking free from the shackles of weighty expectations, Lissie has naturally arrived at such a crossover sound. Lissie said about the album, “it’s the record people always wanted me to make but I couldn’t really make it until I got to be in charge. Before I was trying to please too many people. It stopped being fun. But eventually you get to the stage where you accept yourself for who you are. I’m not trying to keep up with anyone else. If I can make a living doing something I’m passionate about, that’s a good life.”

The posse of co-creatives joining Lissie on ‘Castles’ include old friends like Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses) and Martin Craft, Jim Irvin, Julian Emery and Curt Schenider (who worked in a large capacity on My Wild West), as well as new collaborators like producers AG and Liam Howe.

Lissie’s three previous albums, ‘Catching a Tiger’ (2010) ‘Back to Forever’ (2013), and ‘My Wild West’ (2015) all hit Top 20 in the UK charts, with her last effort reaching #16. Most recently, Lissie was thrilled to appear in David Lynch’s revival of his landmark series Twin Peaks. NME wrote of her “intense” appearance: “Closing the episode with the Stevie Nicks-esque ‘Wild West’, Rock Island’s most exciting troubadour more than earned her Lynch-commissioned screen time.

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