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‘Paul Kelly – Death’s Dateless Night’ out now!

Lennon & McCartney, Hank Williams, Cole Porter, Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen and Stephen Foster are among the songwriters represented on this CD out now.

Some albums are inspired by love. Others are created out of heartbreak. Paul Kelly and Charlie Owen’s first-ever collaboration, Death’s Dateless Night, came about because of a funeral. As Kelly relates, “Charlie and I had talked over the years about making a record together but had never got around to it. Driving to a friend’s funeral last year and discussing the songs we’d played at other such occasions, separately and together, finally gave us our frame.”

This disc’s dozen tunes come mainly from others; however, unlike most covers projects, Kelly and Owen didn’t really pick their selections — they were chosen for them. “It’s interesting to look at the kinds of songs people request at funerals,” Kelly reveals. “They’re not always sad, of course. They tend towards the philosophical, wide and deep in scope.”

While funerals served as the origins for Death’s Dateless Night, the music is far more life-affirming than maudlin. In fact, Kelly admits that the album was such a pleasure to make that he is already thinking about a sequel.

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