Cooking Vinyl

Vi Subversa rip, February 2016

I met Vi and Poisongirls whilst I was organising anti nuclear benefit concerts for No Nukes Music. Poisongirls did some concerts for us and we bonded, and they offered my first proper job, managing Poisongirls in 1982 which I did until they stopped around 1986. Subsequently I re-issued their catalogue on Cooking Vinyl, so I guess I have worked with them for my whole career. I have so many memories…they bought me my first suit, weird because it looked like the old black and white TV test card, weirder to be bought your first suit by an anarchist punk band?! I remember Vi and the band at my wedding.

We had some crazy times on the road and they were always generous and respectful to everyone they worked with. Wonderful support acts like Rory McLeod, Tony Allen, Toxic Shock and Chumbawamba. I introduced them to my school and college friend Tom, who worked with them for the rest of their career, and to Sian who joined as cynth ethics. Their nickname for me was MartinoZinc a cheeky throwback from my anti nuclear days. Vi and Richard always sent me beautiful handmade original Christmas cards.

Vi, Richard, Gary, Mick, Dave, Sian, Tom (and Neil) and very talented kids Dan and Gemma, were Poisongirls to me. Punk was cutting edge. Anarcho punk, was bleeding Edge, Poisongirls were the shit.

There are no words – (Statement -Poison girls)

All love – much passion to you – MartintoZinc xoxo


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